Women’s 3×3

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3 bed x 3 bath (women only)

Our 3 bed 3 bath apartments offer one of the best values for price. Each kitchen comes with bar-style seating and tons of storage space, so you never need to worry about where to keep your food. The living rooms all have wood flooring, and each bedroom comes furnished with captain beds, as well as a private bathroom and vanity.

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Women’s 3×2

Save over $150 when you bundle Fall & Winter!

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3 bed x 2 bath (women only)

If you prefer a little bit more kitchen space, then our apartments 3×2’s are the ones for you. Each apartment has a designated dining area with a full dining table, and a large living room space. The bedrooms are all carpeted, and furnished with captain beds for extra storage space.

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Men’s 3×2

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Private Rooms Available for $1350

Save over $150 when you bundle Fall & Winter!

3 bed x 2 bath (men only)

With its extra spacious kitchen, large living room, and dining space, it’s easy to see why our 3 bed 2 bath apartments sell out so quickly. Each bedroom also comes furnished with captain beds and is fully carpeted.

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Men’s 4×4

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Save $80 when you bundle Fall & Winter!

4 bed x 4 bath. (men only)

If you’re looking for a housing experience that is a cut above the rest, then our 4 bedroom town homes are right for you. Each town home has a living room on the 1st floor, and a 2nd floor loft, and come furnished with a washer and dryer and 2 refrigerators. The kitchens come with granite countertops, as well as extra pantry space, and bar-style seating. Each bedroom comes with raised beds, and 2 closets and dressers, so you’ll be sure to never run out of storage space; as well as a private bathroom with granite countertops. Each apartment has its own A/C unit as well, ensuring that you’ll be able to live the life of luxury, while still maintaining a college budget.

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Additional Fees


Processing Fee

$75 /One Time

Security Deposit

$100 /One Time

Parking (optional)

$20 (subject to availability)


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